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Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! I’ve used the publically available demo version of SS2 rather than the full game so that you have something comparable if you wish to run the benchmarks yourself. The new BGA package and the new design allow the memory work stably at the rated frequencies even without cooling. Again however, for the price you’ll pay for one, the performance is quite good. And even the AA activation helps the Ti much. NV20 GeForce3 will still be around in limited numbers in some shape or form so we shouldn’t forget about it but it’s the new GeForce4 based products that are grabbing the headlines at the moment.

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Their current flagship GPU, the GeForce3, features customizable vertex and pixel shaders that allow developers to program unique effects into their games. Is OTES the shape of things to come for graphics cooling?

But the performance drop is considerable, and sometimes it is greater than that of the Ti We used the four. At the lower resolutions, the GeForce4 MX holds its own. When the resolution is increased, aswell as the pressure on the fillrate, Abit takes the lead. Before we siludo into the graphs, a quick look at the test setup.

As with recent Hexus reviews, I’ll combine as much information as is possible onto the graphs so that you get all the information without trawling through a mountain of pictures. Besides, at the similar performance level, the 4xS mode provides a sharper image.

Coinciding with the release of the Ti, nVidia also announced two more graphics chipsets. While the GeForce2 Ti offers average performance at a very low price, the GeForce3 Ti was an instant crowd pleaser because its performance is quite close to the regular GeForce3 and costs approximately half the price. The performance does not a keep constant level, but with a price around SEK I think this is a card worth its price.


ABIT Siluro T400

In the graph we’ll see the effect that not being able to do all the pixel and vertex shader functions in hardware has on the GeForce4 MX when compared to the GeForce3 Ti I have been using this card in my primary system for a month and it has been overclocked to the maximum since day one and I am very pleased with it.

Having graphical quality and performance in mind it is not too hard to understand why the Id Software engine became so popular. As we fall down the resolutions and performance increases, we see that x is the cards sweet spot in the benchmark with greater close to 50fps on average over the 3 runs of the demo.

A nifty S-Video converter gives you an opportunity to connect both a S-Video and Composite cable without removing the converter and for those of you who have two monitors they have included a DVI-VGA adapter too. Abit starts with a slightly better performance than Radeon Pro, but cannot manage to keep the position. The card simply doesn’t have the features to do all that’s required for running the shader functions in hardware.

My experience is that the non-Ultra FX is a nice overclocker, but as good as this got me really astonished. Since the quest for higher gaming frame rates so often drives the overclocking itch, taking on graphics cards seems like the next logical step.


You can find products similar to this one for sale below. While the memory chips generally anit cool to the touch, when overclocking it’s nice to have the peace of mind that heatsinks bring.

With Siiluro being an older engine, created before the advent of DirectX 8. Test system and drivers Testbed: Thus the fan blows the air out of the case. TechBubbel Podcast — Here is the GPU revision A2.

Since their acquisition of competing video card manufacturer, 3dfx, nVidia have been way ahead of the competition with no sign of things changing any time soon. At the given price I cannot state that Abit FX is the ultimate videocard. Abit OTES III is a nice and silent cooling, the overclocking is something out of the ordinary and in general the product simply feels solid. No Interruptions Day Shortbread.

ABIT Siluro GF4 Ti Video Card Review

High quality of the tested sample based on the reference design; Excellent performance in 3D which corresponds to the Ti level; Full support of all DirectX 8.

UT as well gets a nice boost by the overclocking and the Pro is left behind. As texel fillrate is of big importance in this test the FX should be able to shine brighter than in Quake 3.