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So you will have to change this line. Additionally, the 53C78XX driver would support the chip as well, but this driver is no longer actively maintained and its usage is discouraged. On the host, I was able to play all the games in high quality without noticeable problems. EXE ” included on the first disk to uncompress these files. It is also possible to add more lines to this section, so you can define special settings for your network card.

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It also saves you time.

You may have to change a setting in the virtual machine config file first, to get the SB Users saw “a fold increase in performance”. Additionally, Windows 95 VMs where the crash occurred become unbootable and the operating system halts with a Windows Protection Error.

Requires that the Microsoft Network was installed when Windows was installed. When the packet driver loads it is going to look for the Ethernet adapter and try to communicate with it to ensure that the Ethernet adapter is available.

To avoid EMM errors, some recommend to set an interrupt that increases the vector by decimal 8. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Additionally, the 53C78XX driver would support the chip as well, but this driver is no longer actively maintained and its usage is discouraged. Updated the 31pack to version 1.


Register a new account. Contact — Privacy policy — Terms of Use. Posted August 27, edited. Have fun, but use at your own risk. More information on mTCP can be found at http: On this page I put up some useful things for use with VMware products. Another way to look at it is that your networking software never really talks directly to the networking hardware.

As we have learned from the description above, we need some more files. Windows 95 and 98 VMs that have been created with previous Workstation versions that have this driver installed crash after upgrading the virtual hardware to Workstation 6.

The last thing left to do now is to load the drivers at boot.

How to install a RTL E via NDIS2-driver? – Windows 9x/ME – MSFN

BIOS upgrades are available as Windows executable program files. This drove the cost of networking adapters and ndiss2 down, which made it more affordable for home users.

Here are some places to look for a packet driver for a specific Ethernet device. In this case, talk to a piece of networking hardware.

Edited August 27, by deomsh Typo’s. All of the code is 16 bit and most of the programs will run on a K system using DOS 2. Or sign in with one of these services. So you can use it, but you will have to live with any bugs and limitations. But the overhead of the parallel port does mad performance, so while it is a good basic solution it will never beat the performance of an Ethernet adapter on a card.


Most of these other protocols work silently in the background so you do not need to worry about them.

Set up a DOS VM with networking (and shared folders).

The software is free for internal use. A fairly complete discussion took place between rloew and xRayer here but without the howto: Renamed title of the sound driver article to a more appropriate one Added clarification mdis2 bit systems Added clarification about ES sound card name.

Microsoft Network Client 3. Keep security in mind; restrict access and require passwords to access data. These drivers support DOS 5.

For security reasons I would not recommend sharing your root drive with anyone.