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We will not disclose personal information and any personal information you have provided will only be used on this Web site. Modern PCs have decent sound hardware with microphone and stereo line inputs and a stereo output, capable of better-than-CD-quality operation with no effect on system speed. If you have any technical problems after downloading the software, AVerMedia recommends users to ask for help directly from your PC manufacturers or distributors who sell the equipment or devices. You press record, and it starts recording what you were watching. If you’ve got a video card with TV output, though, you’ll probably be able to use it as normal. You can also do an “all channel auto-scan” that goes in 1MHz increments from 54MHz to over MHz, and should therefore pick up every channel everywhere, regardless of what your local broadcast or cable channels are.

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Get hold of Windows video-conferencing software, like Microsoft’s own free NetMeeting package and plug in a camera and, if necessary, an extra five dollar microphone, and you’ll be Max Headrooming away on your Internet videophone in no time.

Now the remote behaves like a remote. Give Dan some money! But it was not worth the effort, for practically anyone.

The trademarks of AVerMedia may not be used without express permission. You’ve still only got avermeddia ordinary single-channel tuner, though, so you can never record two things that are on simultaneously. If something that digitises video and saves it onto a computer’s hard drive is a Video Cassette Recorder, then I suppose a Zip drive qualifies as a Punched Card Reader.

No support Remote Control. If you’re in the USA, in one of the regions where it works.

AverMedia TVPhone98 w/VCR

Today, things have changed. The FM antenna in the package is an ordinary cheapo dipole unit, as bundled with just about everything else in the world that can use an FM antenna. The software just dumps the images as numbered BMP files. The Video E-Mail software on the main install disc wants a CD key to install; there isn’t one anywhere in the box that I could find, and the paper manual doesn’t even mention the e-mail software.


They’re in the “Document” directory on the main Tvvcapture98.

AVERMEDIA TVCapture98 w/VCR(BT-878 chip) Windows NT 4.0 DRIVERS ONLY Free Driver Download

Once you find the on-disc documentation, though, it’s all simple enough to follow. Drop the quality, get even more time. If you do not agree to the following terms tcapture98 conditions, please do not use this Web site. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many recordings you can set up, so you ww easily harvest every soap opera on a channel for months on end, assuming you had enough disk space.

Free download avermedia tvphone98 tvcapture98 w vcr driver

The first of the true consumer digital vcd products was the TiVoa stand-alone box made by Sony or Philips that operates as a largely automatic TV time-shifting system. AVerMedia will keep your information and save a backup in the Web site database. The nine-key number pad moves the mouse pointer, with a couple of nearby keys doing left and right mouse button duty and the 5 key for locked-left-button click-and-drag purposes.

Once you’ve got the TVPhone installed, it’s got an “autoscan” mode that’ll sweep through the most likely TV channel frequencies and store whatever channels it finds.

You may download one driver software related to the product you purchased to update your PC’s driver software. This isn’t a free codec – you can’t just download it – so if you want to view TVPhone recordings on another machine, that machine will need to have the TVPhone software installed too, or you’ll need to use a movie file editing package to reprocess the video into a more common format.

This is why every Windows webcam on the market’s advertised as having “video phone” features. avsrmedia

AverMedia TVCapture98 W/vcr (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

Follow the steps below, or enter the model name in the search box to find your product. You can connect the TVPhone up to any 75 ohm coaxial TV signal cable – or to a ohm ribbon cable, with a balun that’ll cost you a few bucks from any electronics store.


The absence of a TV antenna is partly because there’s no TV equivalent to the nearly-free FM dipole – even telescopic portable-TV “rabbit ears” cost a lot compared with a dipole – but it’s mainly because not everybody who buys a TVPhone98 is going to need an extra TV antenna.

There’s also out of date versions of NetMeeting and Internet Explorer on the main software disc, as well as an excitingly elderly version of DirectX, but you don’t have to install any of this stuff, and DirectX installers won’t let you install an older version over a newer one. Fortunately, modern compression systems greatly tvacpture98 this data load, and can easily stick an hour of VHS quality video on each gigabyte of drive space.

Press the power button on the remote, though, and the TVCapture98 software runs. You can easily capture still images as well as video clips, but the image pauses for a moment when you hit the capture button. Overall The documentation might be a bit hokey and the software bundle less than perfect, but the TVPhone98 system really does work.

It comes with a Velcro dot that lets you mount it wherever’s convenient. The TVPhone98 package gives you the card itself, the remote control, a couple of software CDs, a slim manual, a microphone, an FM antenna, an IR receiver cable for the remote, and a short audio lead so you can connect the TVPhone’s audio out to your sound card’s input.