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Embedded Laboratory September 7, at 9: Please send my the compiled hex file. We will use this simple configuration to test and understand the RS communication. Sorry for my very bad english…. Thank you so much!

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Can you help me to make a simple multiple switching use USB port and use visual basic. Any away have you some other code than make the ADC read more in demmo time, i mean faster with out stoping. I used the no-bootload-hex-version. The ‘condition always TRUE’, comes from the infinite loop to keep the code from dropping off the end.

Embedded Laboratory September 7, at 9: Are you familiar with my choice?

I understand that it has been a few years since you have first made this project, I am wondering if you have any update in this regards. But stops a lot of times i will study it better than i will tell you about my evolution.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I have make two quest.

SD-Card with CCS C Compiler using pic microcontoller

Now, the formula for the crystals to use, is: Nodemcu is great WiFi chip and we started our journey with some basic applications, which are as follow: Hi Steve, thanks very much for puting this up. Many mistakes I shall do… Or it is not interesting to you in such variant? I have read that low speed requires 6MHz clock.


On the PC we will use cxs termial program to send and receive data. The RS interface can be used for many purposes like sending commands from a PC to a microcontroller, send debug information from a micontroller to a terminal, download new firmware to the microcontroller and many other things. Software Now since the hardware is ready we have to write the software for the PIC microcontroller.

I would like to write a new windows program using mcHID.

I could also change the descriptors to joystick, but I used a custom device type so that it would not interfere with other applications hopefully! Did you succeed in building a faster working firmware for than the CUI creat usb interface one?

About Embedded Laboratory Embedded Laboratory is a group of Electronics Hobbyist and Enthusiast, working on, to provide quality content to the guys starting in the Embedded Domain. Hi Steve, thanks for reply. This work fine to. The use delay directive provides the compiler with the information about the clock frequency at which the PIC is running. Mon Dec 27, 1: Once again your site is top notch, very educational, and gives me a lot of inspiration!!


But still I do have problems. Just found your page and it is very interesting project. Should i choose HID or?


Please let me know if it works! For non-bootloader operation I comment out: Pic18f45550 for the help. How do I send instruction to turn on or off an LED or to measure a voltage? Can you build an I2C host port for this device it will be very helpful for the lab for everyone, because there is many I2C devices like PCF for example. I want to customize the code,can you send me the pic81f4550 with USB communication alone.