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I have an Qlink free phone but it does not have a sim card, I was wondering if there is any phone i can buy and do the switch? Can I switch it to my goverment Safelink service? Testing the headset system in Phone mode and adjusting it.. We are experts on the free government cell phone program, NOT on cell phone technology. The phones have been released by FreedomPop. Razer Synapse is our unified configuration software that allows you to.

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My zte n accutance sprint cdma the one i wanted to transfer to is a LGL62VL premier trackphone but dont no if its cdma or not i just got it only use on wifi for now. I call my wife from my phone, and there is no answer, the call is received by an answering machine.

Any advice on what to do or where to go from here? Get it nowFree app Third party software is not covered by Atlassian privacy policy. If not, then why? But actually enforcing a penalty requires the Justice Department, adding time and complexity to the process.

Do I need to call tech support to use this phone with my LA Sim carf. The phones available vary from day to day, Quiccklink. Select “Browse mycomputer for driver” Option at the bottom.


That should be correct, Jennifer, but you should still confirm by contacting Q Link customer service. Testing the headset system in Phone mode and adjusting it. Can simple mobile phones be compatible with qlink wireless?


Check with each of their customer service agents to find out if you can use your existing phone with their networks. The article above gives you more detail on which companies use each of the national networks.

We avoid answering questions like this, Kim. But at this point in time, here are the leading companies as taken from our The List of Leaders: Not all cell phones are compatible with all cell networks, Mia.

We are humbled by your effusive praise. Is there such a mbile as a simple mobile phone like a locked to simple mobile Crickett phone?

Is any phone compatible with my free phone network?

If my phone happens to be compatible with qlink, can it be done since my phone has never been activated or registered in any way? Could you give me a list of compatible phones for qlink wireless? So does that mean that I can have my Sprint phone activated to my Q link wireless since they are the same network?

You can pick one or the other, but not both. Will it work for the Safelink free min phone. This is one type of question we always shy away from monile. It has two removable pieces of plastic so it can fit any sim card slot.


This is my choice and requirement in a phone. As below in the ruling bodies are having a somewhat of a difficult time in their endeavors to seek a resolve to the harm by fraud given in the Lifeline program providers.

QuickLink Mobile by Smith Micro Software – Should I Remove It?

Have to order replacement from qlink that cost 25 dollars. Considering the question can not be answered definitively, I am impressed with information given. I been having a problem using att unlocked gsm phone with metro pcs service. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!! Click on “next” and now it will install the crickeh. Not all cell phones are compatibl with all cell networks.

Thank you for the information that you posted above, it has been very helpful. I will still be a loyal reader here through out the categories I have taken an interest in.