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The white point was k so again a little out from the target. There is also a DisplayPort out connection used for Daisy Chaining several displays as shown below. A simple OSD brightness change can of course overcome this though so this is no big issue. In fact this was measured in the ‘standard’ preset mode and you could improve on this by using some of the other presets if needed. The following summarises the screens performance in video applications:

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The software was free which is great, but did seem pretty basic and lacking of many options and reporting functionality. This can also cover the Adobe U2713y reference space as a result and extends considerably beyond the sRGB reference which is still widely used. This monitor worked very well for me. This showed very low levels of blur and had minimal issue with overshoot.

However, if you want you are able to run the screen outside of this resolution. Minimum response time Information about the minimum amount of time, in which the pixels change from one color to another.

Dell U2713H LED LCD Monitor

There was nothing severe and no obvious ghosting which was good. In Dell released the UMwith the M reportedly representing the use of a more standard colour depth No integrated stereo speakers on u2713n model or audio connections but it is compatible with Dell’s SoundBar. You could immediately spot the use of the wide gamut GB-LED backlight as well, with colours looking more saturated and vivid than a normal standard gamut screen.


The light AG coating is also a very positive move when it comes to these kind of uses and we had been pleased when Dell made this switch before with the UHM. The replacement of the U is certainly justified we think. Probably the main difference between these three 27″ models is the colour space u713h.

Given the price point and market position of the UH it is likely that some buyers will want to compare with the high end NEC, Samsung and Eizo models in the market.

The image quality depends directly on the type of the display panel used.

27″ Dell UltraSharp UH – Specifications

There is actually a very wide range of controls here if you need them for gain, de,l, hue and saturation, allowing the user to make finite adjustments where necessary. Update 31 January – We have since confirmed with Dell engineers that the ‘user’ feature was abandoned late in development on these new UltraSharp screens and is not available, with no plans to make it available.

Vertical viewing angle Information about the maximum vertical viewing angle, within which the image on u22713h screen is of acceptable quality. Normally Dell start with u7213h rev A This isn’t something Dell have made much fuss of oddly, but it’s a feature again normally reserved for pro-grade screens.

Monitors by Lori Grunin Oct 15, When the screen is turned on the power LED glows a subtle white colour, and it pulsates h2713h and off in the same white colour when the screen is in standby. Storage temperature The storage temperature shows the range from a minimum to a maximum temperature, within which storing of the display is considered to be safe. The UH deell offers a Mini DisplayPort connection and daisy chaining capabilities via DisplayPort which are probably more useful for the modern market.


If you have enjoyed this review and found it useful, please consider making a small donation to the site. The monitor features a solidly built stand that uses a combination of black and silver matte plastics. Backlighting and Colour Gamut. The luminance had been corrected to the desired level with the change in the brightness control, and the static contrast ratio was a moderate The storage temperature shows the range from a minimum to a maximum temperature, within u2713 storing of the display is considered to be safe.

Note that we are using a spectrophotometer to make these measurements which is not sensitive to the LED backlight as some colorimeter devices can be. There are various panel technologies.

Average gamma had been corrected to 2. This is more than adequate for most users, especially given the aforementioned complexities with achieving a bit workflow. A bit of a poor show but presumably one which will be fixed soon and probably a page to tell you more about the device or where to purchase i2713h.

Hardware Calibrated Settings, Native Gamut.