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To obtain a license automatically, you need to be connected to the Internet and allow outgoing connections to license. If the database file is located on a Windows share, your Windows user name. Can anyone please help me i’m using window 7 64 bit. Specify a directory where all users who connect to this data source have write access to. Important For read-write access to the database, you must specify the directio option when mounting the share.

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For performance reasons, you should locate the database file nearest to the essysoft that use it most intensively. The shared object file extension. The section assumes you are, or are able to consult with, a database administrator.

The user running the application that is connecting to the data source only has read access to a local database file. The dbq attribute is an alternative to the mdbfile attribute, and is provided for symmetry with Microsoft’s Access ODBC driver.

Permission Eashsoft to Type Notes execute. If the path is not valid, check with your administrator whether the database file is located on another machine.

Eastsoft example, to unpack the bit Linux distribution:. I believe the link below can assist: Our long term collaboration with Easysoft can be characterized by the excellence of their services, speed of communication and responsiveness to their clients.


Use the lockfile attribute to specify an alternative. If the database file is remote, use the mount command to check whether the share has been attached on the Easysoft ODBC-Access Driver machine.

Note Attribute names in odbc. Open End Sub How do I solve this error or what went wrong with the setup in the first place? Sorry but it did not worked for me: Applications – UniVerse Why do I get error “libodbc. If the mount command does not show the mount point specified in the mdbfile attribute, consult with your administrator.

Specify a directory where you and other users who connect to the data source have write access to.

Easysoft Data Access

Use ls to check that the mdbfile attribute in your data source specifies a valid path and that the directory is accessible. Note For read-write access to the database file, you need to use a version of smbmount that can disable local file caching directio option.

Allow Linux and Unix users to safely edit a database file that Windows users may also be accessing. Important For read-write access to the database, you must specify the directio option when mounting the share. Since the very beginning, Easysoft maintained very high standards in the technology that they use.


At the prompt, type an SQL query. General – Licensing What happens to my licenses when I uninstall the product? How do I transfer a license?

JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver Alternatives – DbVisualizer Users Guide – DbVisualizer Users Guide

We used your product to synchronize our ODBC database with our legacy application and are extremely happy with the performance. Thank you sooo much for the friend who post this answer: Not Sure What You Need? Odbc-access your Windows applications would be most adversely affected by opening a database file located on a remote machine, locate the database file on Windows.

If you have not yet done so, you need to register first. Languages – Perl I don’t like my odbc. Testing has completed easysoftt. These permissions are only applicable if the database file is located on a Samba share on Unix. The following attributes may be set in the odbc. Why do I get error “libodbc.