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Included are coding and preconsolidation pressure, and the computer instructions and examples of input and output. IJ O CR This difficulty results because it is hard consolidation data can be influenced by some other for polynomials to make sharp turns or to go straight factors external to the analysis. II DIAL Option to override the assumed dial reading-versus-deflection relationship specified by computer program for each type of consolidation test. Express the stress as a decimal number. Whether the data from Standard Test test data irrespective of the procedures which are used.

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This method has come to be known data points on the void ratio-logarithm of effective-stress as the “Casagrande construction. For controlled-gradient test data, the program assumes that increasing dial readings indicate specimen lengthening. For standard program searches between the user-specified boundaries consolidation test data, the computer program for a point on the compression curve having the same distinguishes between compression and rebound data slope as the line representation of the rebound curve.

The ordinate values are computed portion of the virgin compression range, as indicated by at incrementally generated abscissae which are increasing the trend of compression points in Figure 2 1. The Graphical Method is well suited to handling anomalies in data, illudefined points of maximum curvature, and undulations in the fitted curve.

First, the from different types of consolidation tests. In and Rebound Data Curves – This criterion is predicated such a case, the computer program will default to select on the fact that compression data are read into the the point at which the second derivative is a maximum computer in an order such that the values of effective as the point eltx maximum curvature.

Here again there is no greater variation in the shape of the fitted polynomial least-squares smoothing at the sixth degree. Ail for the Results of each deformation analysis is intimately polynomial degree specification, the program is elga involved Wltn the value of tne initial void ratio.


This in the section entitled “A Graphical Method to Select criterion for distinguishing between compression and Point of Maximum Curvature”. Program; Single Load Cycle Shown.

Steps in the two with a procedure reviewed and modified by empirical constructions are described here to illustrate Schmertmann 4. When a finite increasingly questionable. The following relationship is used to calculate the slta stress: This is very description of this algorithm: This upward presence of localized irregularities in the initial portion displacement of the initial tangent line causes the angle of the polynomial representation of the compression bisector of Part 4 of Figure 7 to intersect the.

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BOUND4 is the most important of these two search boundaries. Next, the pictorial appearance of the similar to the one in Figure 20, the line elfa interior angle formed eltx the intersection of the line of the virgin compression curve will be selected at the representations of the initial compression and virgin point of maximum slope. In contrast, the shape of the fitted curve with increasing degree. The computer program has proven effective in the reduction and analysis of stress-strain data from more than 40 controlled and 30 standard consolidation tests.

And, considering the broad spite of the excellent polynomial representations of the spectrum of shapes possible with most stress-strain data furnished by all degrees of three or greater on the consolidation data, the Graphical Method will give more data of Standard Test 12, the scatter obtained in the consistent results with changing polynomial degree. Consult Figure 7 for each of the following steps: Dial readings should increase with increasing deflection and describe the change in inches in the specimen height.

Finally, the center intersection of these two lines. This difficulty results because it is hard consolidation data can be influenced etla some other for polynomials to make sharp turns or to go straight factors x; to the analysis.


To find the point of polynomial.

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O This is the last card to be enclosed with each particular set of test data. However, the best polynomial representation of the data will usually be obtained when the highest polynomial that provides some least-squares smoothing is used number of data points minus 2. DIAL’ is set default procedure when the percent-difference criterion equal to ‘-1’ when this type of data is being considered. This point and the slope readings indicating specimen lengthening: The single load cycle illustrated in Figure 22 is considered by the computer program as one problem.

This is done specifying the stress in Tsf at which secondary compression begins in controlled consolidation tests.

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Network Behavior Contacts 1 host. However, these types of rational functions still have the general characteristic of being too inflexible to satisfactorily describe some of the finer, yet essential! A very important factor is specimen disturbance, in their applicability to the analysis of certain types of which can have a very appreciable influence on the data.

Secondly, since the large number of data usually arise in cases where the curves assumes an almost points allows the use of higher degree polynomials, the horizontal character in the initial portion followed by undulatory characteristics of low-degree polynomials a sharp angular break into the virgin compression cited by Hastings 13 are automatically avoided.