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With FlexNet Licensing, you can: Locate the file, aksusbd-redhat This will just install the plain driver. Locate the instructions below specific to your Linux platform. Today’s application producers need flexible software license management options to protect their IP against software piracy.

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In addition to the dongle driver you also need to install a license file that links the dongle to a PLECS license.

How do I install a dongle driver?

FlexNet Embedded is a small footprint SDK that works with software applications — on-premises, cloud, virtualized or mobile — as well as with embedded software on devices. Please contact Cosmic technical support for more information. This may require the use of a floating license. If necessary, reboot the computer. Grow market share, prevent revenue loss and monetize more flxid Manage customer compliance Enable secure activation mechanisms for software and devices Rely on the standard for secure, flexible and robust licensing Support all monetization models on all platforms Support flexible packaging, bundling and feature monetization Enable usage-based monetization or compliance models Protect your applications against hacking and piracy Protect and monetize in virtual environments.

Open a Command Prompt, change into the extracted folder and execute the following command: Download the installer from the table below. The dongle device drivers are generally supplied on Cosmic product CDs located in the “utilities” folder. Please contact your local Cosmic support office should you have any questions or flexld.


FlexNet Publisher is the de facto standard for software licensing, used by thousands of software suppliers to license and protect their applications.

Manage all license models out of the box, including pay-for-overage support Provide efficient in-product and volume license activation support Prevent unauthorized copying and piracy Support flexible machine fingerprinting Support a wide variety of platforms including all major operating systems and virtualization technologies. This will just install the plain driver. Help minimize piracy risk and maximize revenue with additional security layer protection.

This is especially true if multiple dongles are used or another device is attached to a USB or parallel port dongle.

It supports a variety of monetization models, captures usage and offers advanced protection like tamper-resistance. You must be superuser root in order to install these components.

Manage software licensing and compliance more easily.

To monetize and protect foexid against overuse and piracy, software suppliers and IoT companies need a flexible and robust licensing technology.

How can I install it? As super-user, use the package manager utility, rpm, to install the driver: Locate the file, aksusbd-suse Some prefer the use of a dongle or a combination of both software licensing and dongles for IP software protection, limiting access to only authorized parties.


Locate the instructions below specific to your Linux platform. Your dongle serial number should appear in the display if the drivers and dongle are working properly.

To install a dongle driver, log in as administrator and install the appropriate package from the links below. Do not connect the dongle to the computer fleid you have installed the appropriate dongle driver to avoid that the operating system e. Start the executable Setup. How do I install a dongle driver? Download all installers appropriate to your implementation.

Download Flexera Type 9 key drivers for Windows

Linux Platforms Locate the instructions below specific to your Linux platform. Datasheet Protect Your Apps and Devices. When using Cosmic Software development tools with a FLEXid hardware dongle you need to install system device drivers in flexix for the software and hardware to work together properly.

For further information see the Readme. Use the package manager utility, rpm, to install the driver: