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Passcode Set the passcode. Active Palette 0 Default: Product Name Description Side tray Allows you to output paper with its printed face up on a single sided printing machine. Don’t show me this message again. This feature is called “E-mail Printing”. You can enter the following characters: Check the feed slot of the Tray 5 Bypass to remove the jammed paper.

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For information, refer to “Original Type – Lightweight Originals” G3 Auto Select this mode if the remote machine is G3 compatible. Hold the left and right tabs on the booklet staple cartridge to return the cartridge to its original position, and gently push the cartridge until you hear it click into place.

Cause A password has apeosporr-ii set. Scan Resolution Specifying a Scanning Resolution For information on network settings, refer to the Network Administrator Guide.

Covers Blank Covers A blank sheet of paper is attached as the cover. The document is not Cause The document is too small. Warning – Electrical Safety Information See data plate on the rear panel for the rated ampere and voltage of this equipment.


Copy Mode Settings Select the feature to be displayed, and select [Save].


Page – Notes and Restrictions on the Use of the Can be set in steps of 0. Setup Menu Comments You can register comments to be added to cover sheets. Fax Billing Data You can make settings for the fax billing.

Output Format Use [ ] and [ ] to specify a binding apeoslort-ii value. Operations during Faxing Changing the Scan Settings You can change the scan settings while scanning the document.

Up to three lines can carry simultaneous connections for both sending and receiving operations whilst received faxes can be automatically routed to different destinations within the enterprise. For information about how to send, refer to “Sending Fax” P. When the HDD Kit optional is added to the machine, user-defined characters can be stored appeosport-ii the hard disk, and are not erased even when the machine is switched off.

For more information on registering a mailbox, refer to “Mailbox” Users can also insert customized annotations onto copy documents.

Auto Start This sets auto start of the job flow for documents stored in the mailbox. Output Format Select the stapling position. You can also set the stored document to be deleted by the types of document.


DocuCentre-II C4300 Drivers & Downloads

ISO Latin 6 Auto According to the set feature, the machine automatically select [Collated] or [Uncollated]. Replacing Consumables Return the unit to its original position. Extended Features Settings List You can check the settings configured for the fax and scan features.

aoeosport-ii User-defined characters can be stored only in memory. If you select [Shift], capital letters appear. Resolution specifying The Scanning Resolution 4 Fax Text Select this item when transmitting a document that contains only text.

According to the setting combination, the received document is printed as follows. You can change the indicated document sizes.

Maximum Login Attempts This feature protects the settings from being changed by an outsider pretending a system administrator. Common Settings You can assign 11 apwosport-ii sizes to the Tray 5 standard size buttons 1 to For information on error codes, refer to “Error Code” Action Turn the machine’s power switch on.