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Try adding Amplitube 3 and you’ll skip the amp altogether! GarageBand is a toy, get a proper recording program. That allows the input signals to avoid the round trip through the computer. Donate Register Login Main Site. Going by the quick look I’ve had, it looks to me to be more a mixing panel for recording with added ASIO capability, rather than a recording interface designed to be used with the computer applying effects to the audio.

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I also wanted something which would let me connect my PC and Mac to the same set of speakers so my 4-input mixer seemed a great idea, but in hindsight it seems I was trying to do too much I actually have an iRig HD I can presumably try using as a single-channel audio interface first. In Audacity, click input meters to start monitoring of the input.

By Newbie-Doo in forum Newbies. The confusions I’ve got recently is that if I add FX in Garageband – say I play electric guitar or bass which really need modelling of an amp at least – I need to hear the monitored output aslo Garageband.

Garageband 10 latency

KPMar 13, Sampling conversion has been somewhat problematic since the beginning, and although has gotten better, I wouldn’t expect GB to deal with it well. I did try plugging headphones directly into my Mac’s built-in audio-out and redictign the monitoring to play through that device but then the latency was something like ms i.


The Focusrite Scarlett is the aslo interface I can think of right now, but there are several other similar interfaces available.

Steinberg UR22 is the one I went with. A larger buffer will yield higher latency but put less strain on the CPU.

My thinking is that the problem may be your USB output from your amp. With a bass or electric guitar the dry signal just sounds horrible. I’ve run into the same problem. GatagebandMar 12, So I plugged the Mac directly into the speaker, works.

ONE (iPad and Mac): Setup

Then add the VI to the dry track for mixing and editing. Guitar, banjo, mandolin and piano, bass and percussion only when needed Production and mixing.

I suppose I could lower the input level as much as possible and up the gain in the DAW so the dry signal is lower in the mix but it just seems such an obvious issue not to have a simple fix.

It can record audio, but has little editing capability. My interface is Steinberg UR Now the fun starts!

Cue Zephyr on January 15, The time now is I’d contact Peavey and see what they have to say if you can’t find a driver on their web site. I hope this helps! Enter your search terms Submit search form. Good for the kids and beginners. Assuming you loaded the drivers from your amp on your Mac Then also do the same thing in GB if it also has a setting adjustment.


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On equipment at this end of the spectrum, good design has a significantly lower impact on the list price than garagebanc does. They offer more flexible options that make them adaptable, including the choice for Also, make extra sure that you go ONLY to the manufacturer’s website in this case, Steinberg’s website and download drivers only from them. It’ll pay off in the long run anyway.

I’ve got a Alesis 4-inout USB audio interface I normally use for acoustic guitar and vox recording using Garageband. Note that some of these things aren’t, necessarily, related to price. VortexMar 28, Generally, you can’t use two separate audio interfaces at the same time.