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I believe it’s rather the USB3. If the firmware update will not be completed successfully, please follow the instructions below to update the firmware using the bootloader method: Never happened while I played ED. I was in despair. The only other thing and this is where it really starting to annoy me is where you would sit your hand on the stick the round grip bit is the lacquer or paint what ever you want to call it has came off this thing has never been abused or man handled and at the price this costs i do not expect this to happen also underneath where the lacquer has came off it feels like solid plastic but they have put a metal paint on it to cover this up.

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Have you updated any other drivers on your system lately – USB drivers or motherboard firmware updates – that may have changed USB port settings? Did not work either; the firmware update kept failing at step 2 with error 0xc. This is simply an awesome controller. I’ve got a Warthog but never had this issue. But sometimes the values are locked at by after I hotaa in to Windows 7.

Somebody must have solved this problem. Mon Feb 25, 7: Mon Feb 09, 2: Boorloader had a lot of trouble with my Warthog throttle last night. Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time.


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So I re-called Thrustmaster support since they never got back to me with my previous request. I think it’s probably the controller itself which is a thrustmaster warthog, and now I can’t reload the firmware even after following the “bootloader” instructions several times.

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File Library – What’s New. It’s a secdond had controller so there’s no waranty. I attempted this with both since there is some mention that the 3.

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Hi I wonder if anyone has had this happen where your hotae loses it’s firmware while playing Elite Dangerous. Once I connected it I found yet another issue – the connector on the board had lifted, also the previous owner had tried to glue everything including the pin connector into place and it all came out as one piece.

Since a new firmware, which is years back now it’s not been an issue.

This piece of hardware is too damned expensive to be so disfunctional its promise also makes it worthwhile presisting with it for some time however But as me ol gran used to say Then I followed the Thrustmaster advice on their website to ‘wake up’ Bootloader joysticks. If the firmware update will not be completed successfully, please follow the instructions below to update the firmware using the bootloader method: Either way — hope these pictures might help someone else out there working on their own joystick.


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This is when my problems began. What a palava Is there no one else struggling with this.

I sent an email, in my despair, to TM support. I could not get the drivers to install, would not recognize. Odourboy, I hear from various owners of the hog. To ensure the most efficient follow-up of your query, please answer directly to this email do not open a new ticket. Especially, the firmware updated with no problems. We thank you for your choice of Thrustmaster products and for reaching us regarding your inquiry.