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You might see some high voltage, you might not. Please remember that most of the site rules still apply here. All today’s birthdays’, congrats! Information Top Posters Most Active Topics Welcome guest These forums can only be posted to by registered and logged in members, please click here to go to the registration page. A convenient side effect of such a transformer is the considerable energy which is available in its magnetic circuit. HV Enthusiast Wed Apr 15 , The output of U2 pin 3 is a square wave, variable in duty cycle and frequency by R??

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Flyback Transformer Driver

The energy stored in the magnetic core traansformer released to the secondary as the magnetic field in the core collapses. Also another way to do this is use a gate drive IC.

The circuit is extremely stable and highly reliable. The transformer can be equipped with extra windings whose sole purpose is to have a relatively large voltage pulse induced in them when the magnetic field collapses as the input switch is turned off.

Flyback transformer – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: In older television designs, the transformer produced the required high voltage for the CRT accelerating voltage directly with the output rectified by a simple rectifier. Science and Technology Restricted Access Forums Topics Tranwformer Last Post General Science and Electronics This board is for anything that doesn’t fit the categories below, but still falls under the realm of science or electronics.


Most likely there will be oscillations, screeching noises, high input current and not much output, etc. The IRF is a cheap i found it for 4euros reliable and powerful power mosfet, it has current capability of 8 A continuous and 32A pulse, V drain source voltage, protecting internal zener diode.

hvguy-dot-com flyback driver – NEW SCHEM.

Capacitance on Drive side of Gate Drive Transformer affects current counterintuitively. C3 is directly across the “out” pin of U1, and can be any type of capacitor rated at or above 20 volts. T1 steps the line voltage down to a useable value of 12VAC or so.

Fullwave rectification verses Bridge retification and VA ratings. General Science and Electronics This board flybak for anything that doesn’t fit the categories below, but still falls under the realm of science or electronics.

Fraggle Mon May 11 Please help to ensure that disputed statements are reliably sourced. The high voltage return ground pin on the flyback will be located amongst the other pins on the bottom.

Archive Discussion This board is for pointing out good threads that are found in the archives, located at and. To ensure your email is not marked as spam, please include the phrase “4hv help” in the subject line. They are deserving of my most heartfelt thanks. For U1, use an LM in a TO package see the schematic for a pinoutit does not have to be mounted on a heat sink.

Flybwck is the place to do it. Turn the signal generator on first plug in T1and with the flyback transformer away from all other electronics on your workbench computers, stereos, phones, etc. But it sure looks flybaxk. Click here for instructions.


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This HV ground pin a little tricky to find, see more on this later. Another advantage is that it provides a failsafe mechanism — should hvguy.ckm horizontal deflection circuitry fail, the flyback transformer will cease operating and shut down the rest of the display, preventing the screen burn that would otherwise result from a stationary electron beam. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Green bold denotes those who have recently donated to keep the server carbon neutral. But having experimented a bit, I found that that primary coil draws a boatload of current, in excess of 5 amps.

Maxim makes some, International Rectifier does, as well as TI and others. I saw another schematic where the builder wrapped 10 turns of gauge wire on the ferrite frame. You can also find assistance via IRC, at irc. Our findings have been that up past 1kHz, the staccato frequency starts to hurt the output sparklength severely. When you have these 2 components wired in, use a voltmeter and hook it from the “out” pin to ground. In modern displays, the LOPT, voltage multiplier and rectifier are often integrated into a single package on the main circuit board.