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Hi Default password is admin when you are first setting it up. Thanks for all the help! Am I doing this wrong or am I missing something? My device will not power on all 5 signs. Hi Aisa I have had over 10 iptime routers here that has never happened to me before.

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October 4, at Hi Default password is admin when you are first setting it up.

February 8, at Now on my wifi list it has both. Your email address will not be published.

Thank you so much for your post. I go through all the steps and have done this many times before, but now when it gets to the last page where the loading bar is, it freezes.

Gmarket – [IPTIME] ipTIME/NUA/SOLO/USB/Wireless LAN Card/Cord

May 18, at 3: Most of the iptime routers are very similar setups! June 7, at 5: Looked everywhere but aaahhh, was able to reset my modem with this tutorial. September 21, at January 17, at December 14, at 9: August 29, at 6: March 9, at 1: You sir…You are a life wirelrss


So I was able to set up the router and had a ssid and password but the signal was terrible. October 20, at Hi Mark If you iptine users you definitely need a wireless router. May 28, at June 21, at 5: December 16, at 4: All routers basically have the exact same steps I outlined as I bought 3 different ones.

Gmarket – [IPTIME] ipTIME/NBCM/Router/Wireless/Wi-Fi

You might have to reset it again and try again. October 28, at 2: March 18, at January 15, at 4: I have a router Iptime Nm its power light is blinking and nothing else is working.

So that no one can see the network whenever they open wi fi. Zuhroni Ali Fikri says: January 18, at Your router have problems it does happen and sure-sign is when you cannot RESET — or problems persist there-after or 2.

Push and hold the router with a Pen for 30 seconds and try the steps again. Do I need the internet in the first place to set it up?


November 6, at My device will not power on all 5 signs.