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Split backplane configurations must be set up by a qualified service technician. Combination cards combine an FC-AL controller with a controller of another type for example, a Gigabit Ethernet controller. If the internal port is used, external Port 1 is unavailable for connection to external devices. The syntax for the same is:. The syntax for getting this details:.

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So wdapter native non oracle Emulex driver is in use then the luxadm command will not work. The FC-AL backplane accepts low-profile 1. The following figure shows the system’s 12 internal disk slots and associated LEDs. Integrated into the system motherboard.

These include dual-channel cards and combination cards. Incorporating all power and signal connections into a single, blind-mating connector, SCA technology makes it easy to add or remove disk drives from the system.

In that case use the below commands:. It is also possible to set up a split backplane configurationin which, unlike the full backplane configuration, there is no cabling between the base and expansion backplanes. All Sun Fire V disk drives are dual-ported for multipath access. On-board FC-AL host adapter. Each disk drive connects to the isp2200 via a standard pin single connector attachment SCA interface.

Qlogic driver update for Solaris 10 in V490

Expands the base array to accommodate up to 12 disks. Provides for reliability, availability, and serviceability RAS zdapter such as hot-pluggable and dual-ported disks, redundant data paths, and multiple host connections.


Mass Storage Subsystem Configuration. Manage the backplane’s FC-AL loop configuration Monitor status signals from disks and disk backplanes Control disk status LEDs When a second backplane is installed to form an expanded disk array, only the SES controllers on the base backplane are active; the SES controllers on the upper backplane remain inactive. Support for RAID software.

Port bypass controllers PBCs on the disk backplane ensure loop integrity. Target servers the requests from the initiators for the data. Before we start with the commands let us get acquainted with some of the storage related terms. In that case use the fcinfo command. The initiator initiates the connection over the fiber channel to the storage system.

In the expanded disk array, the two FC-AL disk backplanes hoxt connected by internal cables. The FC-AL technology implemented in the Sun Fire V mass storage subsystem significantly enhances the server’s reliability, hot, and serviceability RAS and performance capabilities. We can get a list of HBA ports using the luxadm command. You can identify various manufactures of the HBA cards from these fields. Caution – All internal options except disk drives and power supplies must be installed only hozt qualified service personnel.

The following mass storage subsystem components are available as system options.

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Supports distances up to 10 km between devices using fiber-optic cable up to 30 meters using copper cable. Long distances between devices offers improved data availability by allowing remote mirroring and campus clustering. If a component in any path fails, the software automatically detects the failure and switches all data transfers addapter an alternate path. RAID support enhances data availability.


Solaris HBA Notes : FATMIN

Hardware redundancy – Providing the ability to sustain component failures in one path by switching all data transfers to an alternate path For more information on the RAS and performance capabilities of the mass storage subsystem, see About Sun Fire V Mass Storage Features.

The following table lists the features and advantages of FC-AL. This speeds up data access by enabling multiple disk controllers to access the data simultaneously.

When used in a dual-loop configuration, each drive can be accessed through two separate and distinct data paths. Employing a simple loop topology, FC-AL can adaptre both simple configurations and complex arrangements of hubs, switches, servers, and storage systems. When daapter with volume management software that takes advantage of the Sun Fire V hostt multipathing capability, disk throughput can be increased.