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So basically unless you consider wind surfing on a skateboard down the street while using a broom handle and a bed sheet as a sail a scientific success, then I am going to call this a totality failure of the science. Please look in these places or do a Google search before asking questions It’s just glued on. Sharing some photos of my WIP build. The print doesn’t show any signs of wobble yet, but maybe after some hours of printing?

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Eventually, I will put bullet loops on the left side of the stock. Want to add to the discussion? Could also make dart loops out of leather and use some antique finish round head brass tacks to fix em to the stock. What do you say to this? Edited 1 time s. The Janky-XY printer Posted by obelisk The Janky-XY printer August 24, If I was skilled and had the time or cash Srwes would paint it, but for right now I’m happy. This forum is powered by Phorum.


Can get scrap bags pretty cheap at hobby lobby. Still fun as shit though. Using the leadscrews as Srwws too is a bit unusual. How did you put it back together when your screwdriver is the priming srew

Newer Topic Older Topic. Make sure you wear a lab coat at least once during the process for authenticity. Click here to login. I think Jamky just going to add a third leadscrew to the z-belt loop and that should give me adequate stability to eliminate all z-wobble, then I can eliminate the z-guide. Plus, just think of how many times you’ll not have to up and down that ladder. Enter your email to get the newest items sent to your inbox once a week!

It’s a neat western theme. Sreds stock placement totally beats mine! I really like the overall shape of this. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The stock is oak, and puts the center of balance of the blaster directly at the handle, which feels very nice. Well, smaller scale so the minor artifacts are slightly more noticeable but I think this turned out quite well.


I’m going to add some bullet loops. I think with a quick paint job and some shaping and varnishing of the stock, this could be the prettiest blaster I’ve seen.

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Specifically, I load half darts into the rear loading slot. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Please do not post Amazon “affiliate” links. Sfews by themselves will allow the Z to wobble, they’re not that stiff. Forgot to ask, what is the build volume for your printer?

Contact Shadic on Discord for Verification. The Janky-XY printer August 23, The print doesn’t show any signs of wobble yet, but maybe after some hours of printing?

Other things to notice: