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Selecting from address book In [Address Book], select the destination registered on this machine. You can also specify whether to display the check box for switching between case-sensitive and case-indifferent search modes in the search screen default: In such cases, the target OS may not be correctly reflected in the pull-down menu. Select for originals with distinct black and white areas, such as in line drawings. Select Login as Administrator.

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You can select the default display of the [Address Book] between button images and listing default: Knica original is scanned and sent to the SMB server shared folder. Go to main contents.

Bizhub C scanning setup?

Searching for destinations If a large number of destinations is registered, search for a destination by registration name or destination E-mail address or computer name. Configure the respective items for the group destination, then tap [OK]. Select a protocol, enter the port number in [Specific local ports] and click [Next]. When the user name is underlined, click [OK].

For details on how to register a Group, refer to Here.

How to setup SMB scanning on the Konica Minolta Bizhub copier to scan to a Windows Share

This will make the scans go to the home folder that you setup in PSC. Default is anonymous for the username and password.


You can share data easily without configuring a full-scale FTP server. You can enter up to 24 characters. Enter the registration name for the one-touch destination. Scans the original in black and white.

Can I send data in a selected file type or color mode? To permit accessors to delete a file, add a check mark to [Full control]. I know you need Pagescope Cabinet installed on the host PC version? On the folder I created C: For details about each item on the screen, refer to Scan Settings Screen. You cannot use the scanning function via network connection with a USB cable. Creating a shared folder on the Windows desktop Create a shared folder on the Windows computer.

If you edit a registered destination or User Box or turn the main power off or on, history information is deleted. Tap [Application] to select [Original Type], then select an option according to quality of the original to be scanned.

Can I send scanned data to my computer? Expands the area when scrolling jonica required in the area where the registered destinations are displayed. For details, refer to Here. Can I send scanned data with page numbers and a time stamp? Tags for this Thread address bookauthentication errorbizhubccredentialserror messageftp serverhomelefscanningsetupkonocauser boxwrong. Checking the SMB server setting The following information is necessary to register the destination SMB server shared folder to the machine.


Tips When registering a group, even destinations of different types can be registered in one group. If you want to use a name instead of the IP Address, check the box, Please check to enter host name. Yes, you can set a file format and color mode. Select the check boxes for the profiles that match the environment for using this machine, and click [Next].

Setting the Date and Time. You can also specify whether to display the check box for switching between case-sensitive and case-indifferent search modes in the search screen default: