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TM 1 28 B Guide Plate: Drive 1 33 AB01 Gear: Dia12xdia21x7 2 19 AE03 Ball Bearing: Pressure 2 8 B Stay: BK 1 2 B Development Unit: M3x10 N Screw — M3X6.

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Mm25xmm32x7 2 9 AA06 Spring: FU 1 6 B Guide Plate: Paper Feed 1 6 B Holder: It only resorts to JPEG lossy compression which kind of sucks for text. Firmware for Aficio MP C I don’t think a firmware update will solve your problem, firmware updates usually take the form of bug-fixes rather than adding additional features to the machine. Thermostat 1 18 B Electrode Plate: M 1 B Drum Unit: Heater 1 23 B Bracket: Tension 2 16 AA06 Tension Spring: BR24lW Ferrite Core: The GW 09 A models do.

Fusing 1 22 B Guide: Bk 1 B Drum Unit: Fusing 1 2 B Stay: C 1 B Drum Unit: Gate Pawl 1 40 B Guide: Coat 1 11 AA06 Spring: The only other option is Ricoh devising it’s own proprietary lossless format which would be expensive and pointless.


Toner Bottle 4 7 B Magnetic Clutch — 0.

Scanning works flawlessly but I am very displeased with the compression options for the true colour and grayscale modes. Either I will be patient with compression disabled and full quality – more time or cope with the slight loss of quality and smaller processing times.

Main 1 15 B Electrode Plate: NSA 1 22 D Sheet: Contacting Ricoh software developers seems to be a bit cumbersome.

Dia4 2 22 B Roller: Front 1 27 B Bracket: Inner Cover 1 4 B Decal: CM 2 12 B Gear: Get the Android App. Lamier 1 28 B Guide Plate: Below you will find the complete Ricoh Aficio MP C parts list and diagrams to easily locate your part and get it on order. Drive 1 33 AB01 Gear: YC 3 10 B Timing Belt: Rear 1 21 B End Ring: So far, I have been unable to locate any firmware at Ricoh’s lanieg pages.