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You can set alarms to notify you when a tempertature is reached. No, that will give you the frequency. Usually CPU temperature is higher than that of a motherboard. Now to find temperature type this command acpi -t. You can run watch sensors to see temperature values updating each second. This is usually safe though.

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I’m having trouble with a laptop: Just coetemp to add that I’ve always had to reboot after doing the sensor detect for the first time. And, it also doesn’t always give the same information. And see the article from Internet: If it is built into the kernel then it’s OK. Because the path will be different for every kernel version.

sensors – How to get core temperature of haswell i7 cores in i3status – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Are you sure you should answer “yes” to everything? I want to use i3status to display my CPU-Core temperatures haswell i7. Done the update of the answer. The program ‘acpi’ is currently not installed.


They can’t all have the same cpu temp. It gives warnings about being risky.

How to Set up CPU Temperature Monitoring for Linux Servers for Free – Anturis Blog

Just do acpi -V. You can get a very detailed write-up with installation instructions here: No, that will give you the frequency. Here you can customize the list of sensors: ISA adapter Core 2: Yeah it didn’t work for me. You can find out what this is in the technical documentation of your CPU, or just by googling it e.

Do you want to scan for them? Then detect your computer’s hardware sensors running the command: I also like the ARP table. Install lm-sensors sudo apt-get install lm-sensors After installation type the following in terminal sudo sensors-detect You may also need to run sudo service kmod start It will ask you few questions.

ISA adapter Core 0: This is usually safe.

A safer way is to take default answers. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The full list depends on hardware image above is for desktop with Nvidia coreremp card.


Controlling Temperature

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The other numbers are pretty equal compared to coretemp, so temp1 is likely to be the CPU temperature here. Using ‘sensors’ from lm-sensors and ‘watch’ from procps pkgyou can real-time monitor sensors data on the command line via: Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

To configure sensors run this command and type yes for all questions: Some additional sensors may appear. SMBus I adapter at 10c0 i2c-0 Do you want to scan it? My temp file looks like -! So change your rule to corstemp like this:.