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Invalid parameter for this command” [EW] V4. JTAG scan chain with multiple target option did not work properly. For more information, refer to Part 6. This algorithm is not robust and might fail in some cases. Top 5 Use Cases.

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Wiggler and Raven interfaces that uses the parallel port are not supported any longer. For Cortex-M, the hardware breakpoint was not removed when it was cleared. It is not fatal and you can continue debugging by clicking Ok.

Connecting the Macraigor Usb2Demon Debugger to your target

In addition, up to 16 usb2Demons can be connected to a single host machine. This happened when there is only one breakpoint set. The disassembler now also displays version 5 instructions. One side of the usb2Demon interfaces to a USB 1. User documentation corrections None. Download the latest issue of the EIS Digital Edition and subscribe to receive future issues and the email newsletter. This happens for example when using macraigro “verify all” option.


The usb2Demon macraigo a JTAG interface used in the design, debug, and programming of microprocessor and microcontroller based embedded systems. Known problems For the Wiggler and Raven interfaces that uses the parallel port, the error message “Unable to load device driver” is shown when starting the debug sesson.

When it fails the typical error message will be “Target Error: It is now possible to debug hardware ussb2demon multiple targets on the JTAG chain. Making it Easier usb2demoj Make the Right Decisions Invalid parameter for this command” [EW] V4. Considering the top 5 potential use cases for AI and embedded systems based on current trends and advancements Security in the Connected Car This algorithm is not robust and might fail in some cases.

Top 5 Use Cases. Healthcare Trends Drive Design Requirements Windows, Linux Red Hat 7. Intelligently Connected Cars Evolve Register Buffer Error The register buffer for co-processor access is now set up earlier. Code breakpoints can now be set in read-only memory. For more information, refer to Part 6.


As with all Macraigor interface devices, the usb2Demon can simultaneously debug up to devices on a single scan chain. Intelligent Embedded Systems Elude Definition Third party support for various debuggers also available.

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ARMT failed with the error message: In addition, several commercial third-party debuggers can interface to the usb2Demon. Less Specs, More Feedback Many Cores but Little Parallelism Winter Fall Summer Spring When using Raven, it is now possible to connect the debugger to a running system, stop it for debugging, and macraifor it when ending debugging.

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