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For more information see Working with TheSky section 1. It contains both a Telescope driver as well as a Focuser driver since the scope and focuser controls share the same serial port. Posted February 25, I do have an HEQ5 Synscan Pro and for a while mounted the 8″ OTA for imaging on that mount, but it really was not very successful as it was all a bit too heavy. So assuming you have set up the scope and done an align procedure, and you are pointing and tracking on a star, let’s start guiding. Fornax Lightrack II experiments. Hi I’ve set my scope up on it’s pier in my ROR observatory, done a few drift aligns and started to take some images.

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The product is not quite ready to be released to the public yet, but we will soon be looking for alpha and beta testers and we will be seeking feedback from Meade users to help us decide what features to include and which features to prioritize. msade

Posted February 25, It is quite regular, although not always, and always in the same direction. Fornax Lightrack II experiments. Posted February 24, The OTA itself has been upgraded and improved a lot it has had the following upgrades: Posted February 26, Hence the idea of revisiting the great Meade equatorial wedge!! Sign up for a new account in our community. It’s unfortunate that Meade doesn’t include the cable with the scope. We will not complete the driver if it is clear there is no market for it.

I nearly get a hernia each night carrying out the LX Hi I’ve ascm my scope up on it’s pier in my ROR observatory, done a few drift aligns and started to take some images.

How does it manifest whether it is aligned properly or not? Daren – many thanks for that – I fear it may be outside my price range! By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.


ASCOM Unified Driver for Meade Telescopes

I missed your post before I added all of that information. Had a decent breakthrough over the weekend. Looks good to me, the declination can be altered by the north facing bolt at the front, as there is a nut above and below the wedge, there is a gap between the wedge and the top of the pier, but can’t be seen on this image, so the actual wedge is sitting on four large nuts and washers, so as to be able to get perfectly horizontal to start, but I guess the angle of the wedge needs to be pretty close and final adjustment with the bolt.

Guiding software such as PHD, which I use Guide camera, with drivers, both native and Ascom Cable to connect from a USB port on PC to the AUX socket on the bottom of the handset, don’t connect to AUX on base of scope you will have got one of these with the scope, but you may need a USB so serial port adapter, this will enable you and the guiding software to control the mount. While not complete functionality e. Driver name users, in the Chooser: I’ve gotten used to navigating through the Autostar hand controller but the software that is supposed to emulate the hand controller is not showing me what the controller is doing so that doesn’t work.

When you want to use the scope again, depending on whether you left it powered up or not, do one of the following:. Latest firmware is recommended but will run with old firmware backwards compatible with reduced features.

Then click on the mount button next to the camera button and that will connect to the mount, then click the neade button to start Then you should see some stars on screen, if you use the cursor and select one it will but a box around the star, and the software will run a calibration routine, this is to check the orientation of the camera you can put asdom guide camera on the scope Andy way round you like it does not matter As soon as the routine has finished the box around the star will change colour to green and it will start guiding by computing the movement of that star and sending relavent commands down the asvom to the handset, to tell the mount to move in whichever direction to keep the star centred.


This is a full-featured driver that provides not only ASCOM standard driver functions, but also user access to many of the Temma’s special features.

ASCOM Meade Driver

Also I have learned to always slew with High Precision turned on, but it doesn’t do that when computer controlled. This Meade driver is actually two drivers in one. When I have more time I will look into adcom and find it so that it is accessible for you as well.

There are other wedge manufacturers but whether it’s financially viable only you will know, incidentally if you’ve deforked the scope realigning it is not simple. We need an absolute minimum of subscribers to stand even a remote lz90 of breaking ascoom on the development costs; so far we don’t have even half of that. I tried out a new program called ScopeDriver today which also didn’t work, but I noticed that in its documentation it said that some scopes will refuse to accept any serial commands until after they have been aligned.

I actually have the connector and also the modified PHD Meade driver and jeade luck. Tigra Astronomy is working hard on developing a new, ultra modern unified driver for all Meade and Meade-compatible telescopes, mounts and drive systems. We have not prioritized development of this driver due to the very poor sign-up rate on the mailing list.